As virtual reality gaming becomes all the rage, First Person Shooter games have been quick to adopt the format and the two are likely bed fellows as FPS gaming is all about reaction time, quick wits, and hand eye coordination, three things virtual reality gaming promotes heavily. A few different devices are launching later this year to enhance virtual reality First Person Shooters and a few are already on the market.

Sony, the developer and designer of the PlayStation, the platform of choice for many different First Person Shooter gamers, have announced their virtual reality system launching in the fall of this year. The PlayStation VR headset for the PlayStation Four is available for pre-order now, however, with a cost of around four hundred dollars. This leap in technology for Sony is sure to affect the PlayStation’s long lineage of First Person Shooter titles from Borderlands to Call of Duty. You can view specs and preorder the PlayStation VR headset at Sony’s website

If you prefer playing First Person Shooters on your smart phone, a device already on the market may be just what you’re looking for to take your kills to a whole new level. Samsung recently released their Samsung Gear VR for the low cost of only $99.99. The Samsung Gear VR will allow you to headshot zombies, dinosaurs, and enemy soldiers in stunning 360 degree views all from your Samsung phone. This great virtual reality device can be purchased at Samsung’s Website

Regardless of the platform First Person Shooters have always been a gaming staple and have ultimately determined the staying power of some video game outlets. The new age of virtual reality gaming will be no different and FPS gamers will more than likely be among the first to see their genre of games being released for new virtual reality devices. With a genre of gaming and a platform that fit together so well though, virtual reality may just revolutionize the way we run and gun.

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