Over the last 10 years PC gaming has evolved significantly. In the world today you can game on a computer just as much, if not more, than a game console. If you can play on both then you may have the question of, “Why even buy the extra device?”


PCs are keyboard controlled where as games consoles are controlled by hand held controllers. Like I said, PCs have greatly improved themselves. With that being said, you now have the option to use a hand held controller with your PC. You may be thinking, “That’s great! What’s the problem with this evolution?” Nothing is wrong. In fact, it is great to have the option of both keyboard and controller. However, how do they compare?

When assessing comfort a controller may be more practical. Laying back in your chair or sofa is probably more preferred by everything considering the alternative, which is sitting up right in an ordinary chair. Nevertheless, when using a controller for long periods of time you begin to experience fatigue.

Your palms  may become sweaty and your muscles may start to cramp. In comparison, keyboards are not ideal for long periods of usage as well. Resting your wrists on the keyboard pad will eventually lead to Carpal Tunnel. Just as the controller, your body will cramp up. Where as the controller induced cramps resignate in your hands and arms, keyboard induced cramps are localized in your neck, back, and shoulders.


Keyboards obviously have more buttons compared to a controller. Hence, you have quicker access to additional moves for your character. On the contrary, you can access these same actions with a controller. The downfall is you have to use pop-up menus to gain access to these abilities. In turn, it slows down your speed. With that being said, you have more speed when using a keyboard and mouse.
Unfortunately, most, if not all, PCs do not include a controller in their packaging. You must purchase them separately. In spite of that, if you choose to purchase a controller or two you now have the opportunity to play multiplayer. Keyboards do not have that option, no matter how many keyboards you own. A keyboard and mouse are typically always expected to be in PC packaging. If not then you might want to consider contacting your provider…

All in all, even though keyboards offer you extra gaming outlets, it would not do any damage to have a hand held controller on standby. For further assistance in your exploration of keyboard vs controller, feel free to check out the link I have provided. It is full of short reviews based on who prefers what and why.

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