Fallout 4 is an incredible game that is engaging, full of action and complicated experience that make it all the more enjoyable. To play this game, you need to gather tricks, tips, guides and advice to help you maneuver the game with ease.

For beginners, the fundamental thing you need to know is that the game takes place in a treacherous old world located outside vault 111. This latest version of post-apocalypse in Bethesda takes place in New England, Boston and Massachusetts and it also features the key player as a vault inhabitat struggling to survive in a wasteland full of radiation and sprawling with bandits, mole rats, mutants and scavengers. When playing the game, you should also expect to encounter munitions, friendships, combat, health, quests and tiny mole rats.

It is a thrilling game that will definitely offer you many hours of entertainment. Armours, companions and weapons function in different ways in level 4. Here is a guide to help you survive outside the vault.



;• Watch out for famous enemies

• Do not underestimate the power of a melee weapon

• Search every building and watch out for snipers on the rooftop

• Be aware of ghouls and do not allow them to come close as they will slay you

• Be careful of every simple interaction because they have a wider-reaching impact

• Go to the Cambridge Police Station and finish the call to arms quest. This will make you a Brotherhood of Steel member and therefore, you can work for Knight Rhys and Scribe Haylen.

• Go to the weapons bench in the sanctuary and select two powerful weapons

• Plunder everything

• Reserve the power armour for major quests because its battery does not last long

• Choose quick menu over pip-boy because the latter is slow and can fast burden you.



There are twelve major Fallout 4 perks that crafty wastelanders cam maximize on. These include;

1. Locksmiths; save several perk points and use them to get a skilled locksmith you can help you pick locks

2. Sneak; make use of sneak especially at the highest level because it will help to stay out of sight of your enemies

.3. Action Boy/Girl; it allows you to resume action faster after depleting all your AP

4. Life giver; enables you to regenerate health slowly diminishing the need to search for food, water and meds

.5. Gun Nut; Mods gun hence increasing your damage output

6. Bloody mess; allows you create a bloody scene and injure more enemies with one shot

7. Toughness; this perk helps you minimize damage. It is the best to use if you can barely survive in the early hours. It is also cheap

8. Idiot savant; if you lower your intelligence you will gain extra XP

9. Ninja; works like a sneak and helps you hide from enemies

10. Cannibal; this perk will enable you to survive by consuming human flesh. It will make you carry or loot less food.

11. Strong back; ideal for the initial parts of the game before you learn how to make your own weapons. This perk increase the staff you can carry easily by 25% then 50%.

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