The FPS is one of gaming’s most ubiquitous genres, but this year sees the release of a number of unique titles. From exciting new IPs to HD reboots of long forgotten favorites, 2016 looks to be a stellar year for the first person shooter, and these games – some of them already released – are sure to become classics.Here is a list of the best fps games of 2016.


This multiplayer title from the makers of World of Warcraft has already become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon, even knocking League of Legends from its legendary (no pun intended) four-year spot at the top of the South Korean gaming chart.

It’s hard to put into words just what exactly makes Overwatch as enjoyable as it is, but quite simply it’s just really really fun. The game features a huge range of memorable characters, from a professional gamer and her mech to a guardian angel and a super intelligent gorilla, there’s something for everyone, and each character plays in their own unique and carefully balanced way.

Overwatch is a joy to play, and with the developers pledging that all DLC updates will be free to all, the future is definitely bright for this title.


For gamers of a certain age, Doom may have been the first video game they experienced. It will almost certainly have been the first 3D game they ever laid eyes on, being a pioneer in this field. But now that 3D graphics are more impressive than the original developers ever imagined, is there a place for Doom in 2016? Judging by the response to the Doom reboot, the answer is yes. Doom 2016 was met with positive reviews – praising the game’s polish – and if you were a fan of the original, there’s plenty of ultra-violent hell based adventuring to be had, and it’s now more visceral than ever before.


There’s been some discussion over whether or not this futuristic stealth game can really be called an FPS. But since it mainly takes place from a first-person viewpoint, and shooting is absolutely a viable gameplay option, there’s no reason why not.
The reason for this controversy is because guns are just one of many possible tools that can be used to complete the game, with players having the option to non-lethally take down enemies, and even avoid them altogether. Rather than quibbling over semantics, we should instead embrace a game that offers gamers the opportunity to play in their own style, where going in all guns blazing is just one of many possible solutions.


As well as being one of the most unique looking FPS games ever made, SUPERHOT also features some of the most original gameplay mechanics you’ll ever see. In SUPERHOT, time only moves when you do, giving the player the ability to dodge bullets and perfectly plan their course through a level. This means the title is just as much a puzzle/strategy game as it is an FPS, and couple that with the Daft-Punk-meets-Apple visuals and you’ll find a title you really mustn’t miss out on.

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